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Radiant energy travels in the form of:
a) electromagnetic waves
b) fast moving molecules
c) disturbances in solids, liquids, or gases
d) chemical reactions

The law of ____________________ states that energy is not truly produced, but really only manipulated from one form to another.
a) energy production
b) energy transerence
c) conservation of energy
d) manipulation of energy

Modern humans obtain most of our energy for heat and machines from:
a) fossil fuels
b) nuclear power
c) solar power
d) geothermal sources

When you recharge your cell phone you plug it into an electrical outlet for some time. The electrical energy is stored in the phone's battery as _____________ energy until you are ready to use the phone.
a) nuclear
b) chemical
c) mechanical
d) radiant

A lump of coal is an example of what kind of potential energy?
a) radiant
b) thermal
c) chemical
d) mechanical

A major problem with using electrical energy is that:
a) it cannot be used to do work
b) it is very difficult to creat.
c) it cannot be converted to other forms of energy
d) it is not easy to store.

In a simple electric motor, electricity passes through a coil of wire. The resulting electromagnetic field interacts with a _______________ to cause motion.
a) magnet
b) circuit
c) compass
d) filament

Flourescent lightbulbs are preferred over incandescent lightbulbs because they give off more light than __________.
a) sound
b) heat
c) static electricity
d) magnetism

An electric burner on a stove is changing _____________.
a) heat into electricity
b) light into electrical energy
c) electrical energy into heat energy
d) chemical energy into heat energy

When air is heated it rises. This is because:
a) warm air has less mass than cold air.
b) Earth's gravity attracts warm air less than cold air.
c) denser cold air moves under warm air, pushing it up.
d) when air is heated it turns into helium.

Which of the materials below is the best condutor of heat?
a) air
b) plastic
c) copper
d) wood

Heat always ______________.
a) rises
b) sinks
c) moves from slower molecules to faster molecules
d) moves from faster molecules to slower molecules

A pot holder is good for picking up hot pans because it's a good ___________.
a) refractor
b) modulator
c) insulator
d) conductor

When you stand in front of a fire you feel warm. The heat that you feel is in the form of:
a) ultraviolet radiation
b) radio waves
c) infrared radiation
d) hot molecules

What kind of energy conversion takes place in the sidewalk on a hot sunny day?
a) thermal to radiant
b) radiant to chemical
c) chemical to thermal
d) radiant to thermal

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