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The ability to represent the spatial world visually in one's mind.
a) Musical
b) Logical-Mathematical
c) Naturalist
d) Visual-Spatial

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a right brain dominant person?
a) Recognizes and remembers faces
b) Likes Visual and Kinesthetic instruction
c) Prefers well structured assignments
d) Prefers playful problem solving

The ability to know and understand one's self, including goals, tendencies, talents, and limitations.
a) Logical-Mathematical
b) Visual-Spatial
c) Interpersonal
d) Intrapersonal

The ability to notice and make distinction among other individuals; a strong understanding of other people.
a) Intrapersonal
b) Bodily-Kinesthetic
c) Interpersonal
d) Logical-Mathematical

The ability to discriminate among living things and to see patterns; also, a sensitivity to features of the natural world.
a) Naturalist
b) Spatial
c) Linguistic
d) Musical

The ability to use the whole body or parts of the body to solve a problem, create a product, or to put on some kind of production.
a) Intrapersonal
b) Bodily Kinesthetic
c) Interpersonal
d) Logical- Mathematical

The ability to hear music in one's head, and to hear tones, rhythms, and larger musical patterns.
a) Naturalist
b) Spatial
c) Liguistic
d) Musical

The ability to manipulate numbers, quantities, and operations accompanied by a love of dealing with abstraction.
a) Linguistic
b) Bodily Kinesthetic
c) Logical-Mathematical
d) Musical

The ability to use language to express one's thoughts and to understand other people orally in writing.
a) Linguistic
b) Logical Mathematical
c) Bodily Kinesthetic
d) Musical

Which of the following is a characteristic of a Left-Brain dominant person?
a) Prefers Playful Problem Solving
b) Recognizes and remembers names
c) Remembers through images and pictures
d) None of the above

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