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What is an example of wowancintanka?
a) Working really hard in science class, even if you're having a bad day, because you want to get a good grade
b) Sleeping in on a day when you know you have a test
c) Quitting basketball when you lose a game
d) Turning to drugs or alcohol during times of stress

You are testing to see if different types of manure help plants grow faster. What would be a good thing to keep CONSTANT?
a) The type of plant
b) The type of manure
c) The height of the plants
d) Growing a plant without manure

You are testing to see if wearing sunglasses helps you read faster. What would be a good CONTROL group for this test?
a) Timing to see how long it takes you to read a book without sunglasses
b) Wearing different types of sunglasses when reading
c) Choosing different books to read
d) Reading all of the same book

What is a good hypothesis for wondering if the amount of hair gel you wear affects how dirty your hair gets?
a) If I put 3 ounces of hair gel in my hair, then my hair will be dirtier than it would be otherwise.
b) Hair gel affects dirtiness
c) If I get dirty, then I should use hair gel to clean it
d) Hair gel is better than hairspray in terms of getting clean hair.

If your big goal is to play basketball at Duke, what is an example of NOT investing in your big goal?
a) Goofing around in class
b) Practicing free throws every day
c) Coming to school every day
d) Making National Honor Society

In the hypothesis 'if I eat 23 Snickers bars at breakfast, then I will get an A in every class,' what is the DEPENDENT variable?
a) A's in every class
b) 23 snickers bars
c) breakfast
d) if...then

What is NOT a big goal in class this year?
a) Wowancintanka
b) Enter the Siemens challenge
c) Grow two years on the MAPS test
d) Complete a college level lab

If you make a paper airplane that has a pointed nose, then it will fly farther than a plane with a blunted nose. What is the INDEPENDENT variable?
a) The nose of the plane
b) how far it will fly
c) a paper
d) a normal plane with nothing done to it.

You walk into your room and see your bedsheets rumpled up, your drawers out of the dresser, and your sister standing there with a guilty look on her face. What can you INFER?
a) Your sister's been looking for your diary again.
b) Your sister looks guilty
c) Your bedsheet is rumpled up
d) You might get mad at your sister

Which of the following is NOT a quantitative observation?
a) The plant is taller than the tree
b) The plant is 25 feet tall
c) The plant is 13 inches wide
d) The plant weights 43 ounces

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