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Ownership in a corporation
a) Share
b) Shareholder
c) Dividend
d) Stock

The price of a specific stock at the time the market closes
a) Market Value
b) Last Price
c) Annual Return
d) Depreciation

A non-cash expense that reduces the value of a company’s assets.
a) Market Value
b) Dividend
c) Depreciation
d) None of the above

The increase in an investment’s value, expressed as a percentage per year.
a) Annual Return
b) Stock Price Index
c) Market Value
d) Last Price

Amount of money an investor is paid for each share of stock owned in a company.
a) Depreciation
b) Annual Return
c) Dividend
d) Market Value

A unit of stock owned by an investor
a) Stock
b) Share
c) Shareholder
d) Depreciation

A measure of stock market performance.
a) Stock Price Index
b) Annual Return
c) Last Price
d) None of the above

A person who owns one or more shares of stock.
a) Stock Broker
b) Shareholder
c) Stocks
d) Share

Collection of investments owned by an investor
a) Exchange
b) Annual Return
c) Dividend
d) Portfolio

Organizations established for the purpose of arranging the buying and selling of various companies stocks.
a) Last Price
b) Stock Price Index
c) Exchange
d) Dividend

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