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A large hawk eats a mouse. Which term BEST describes the hawk?
a) prey
b) parasite
c) predator
d) producer

What does a food chain show?
a) the flow of food between animals
b) the flow of food between a parasite and a host
c) the flow of water through an ecosystem
d) the flow of energy as it passes from one organism to the next

A parasite is an organism that gets energy by
a) killing its prey
b) feeding off of producers
c) feeding off a host organism
d) producing its own food

Which one is a diagram theat shows th variety of paths in which energy flows through an ecosystem?
a) an energy pyramid
b) a food web
c) a food diagram
d) a food chain

Which of these is a resource that may cause competition among the plants and animals that live in an ecosystem?
a) air
b) water
c) heat
d) wastes

Which of the following is NOT a way that plants change their environment?
a) by using nutrients in the soil
b) by using space to build nests
c) by absorbing water from the soil
d) by using the light from the sun

Which of the following will disturb the largest amountof rock and soil?
a) beavers building dams
b) plants growing in an area
c) rabbits digging burrows
d) birds building nests

Which of these is MOST LIKELY to happen first in secondary succession after a volcanic eruption?
a) Animals move of the ecosystem.
b) Trees cast shade over small plants.
c) Small plants begin to grow.
d) Flood waters destroy a natural habitat.

Small plants and shrubs have begun to grow on a stone cliff. This is an example of which of the following?
a) environmental succession
b) ecological change
c) secondary succession
d) primary succession

Which of these natural disasters cna actually help maintain the health of an ecosystem?
a) earthquake
b) volcano
c) fire
d) flood

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