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What is the time before written and recorded events called?
a) History
b) Prehistory
c) Bronze Age
d) Age of Exploration

Who is someone that travels from place to place in search of food?
a) Hominid
b) King
c) Nomad
d) Archmides

What happened with an increase in population?
a) Increase of farmers
b) Loss of surplus
c) The use of stones as tools
d) Growth of towns

What keeps order in society and provides services?
a) Farmers
b) Government
c) Citizens
d) Social Classes

Who is someone that is talented in crafting items by hand?
a) Artisan
b) Machinist
c) Hominid
d) Hunter

Civilization usually begins _____
a) Near a river
b) Near a mountain
c) Near a cave
d) All of them

What allowed humans to move to colder climates?
a) The Wheel
b) Use of stones as tools
c) Fire
d) Clean drinking water

What is the name given to the early human beings and their ancestors?
a) Cave Men
b) Hominids
c) Androids
d) Stone People

Which of these is a river that played a role in early civilization?
a) Nile
b) Huang
c) Tigris
d) All of them

What is land called that has substances needed to grow plants?
a) Fertile
b) Desert
c) Barren
d) Empty

From which continent did the early hominids migrate?
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) North America
d) South America

What is the study of the earth and the processes that shape it?
a) Climate
b) Geneaology
c) Geography
d) Economy

Who examines objects to learn about the past?
a) Chemists
b) Scientists
c) Archaeologists
d) Social Constructists

Why did the early hominids move?
a) To find or follow food
b) Floods
c) In search of farmland
d) They did not move

What is the adapting of plants or animals for humans use called?
a) Taming
b) Domestication
c) Hunting
d) Photosynthesis

In which age did farming begin?
a) Old Stone Age
b) Middle Stone Age
c) New Stone Age
d) Age of Discovery

What allowed for quicker transportation of goods?
a) Wheel or Axle
b) Fire
c) Writing
d) Stones as tools

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