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Which of the following tells the organizations of multicellular organisms in order from lowest level to highest level?
a) cell, tissue, organ, organ system
b) cell, organ, tissue, organ system
c) tissue, cell, organ, organ system
d) cell, tissue, organ system, organ

Which of the following has the direct pathway of sending information, interpretting information, and reacting to information in your nervous system?
a) sensory nerves send information to the central nervous system, which tells motor neurons to react..
b) Motor neurons move the sensory neurons to the central nervous system.
c) The central nervous system sends information to the sensory neurons that tell the motor neurons to react.
d) The motor neurons send information to the sensory neurons. The central nervous system acts separately.

What type of cell builds nervous tissue and consists of dendrites, axons, and axon terminals?
a) neurons
b) neurites
c) axors
d) dendrons

Put the following terms in order from lowest level to highest level of organization: osteous tissue, skeletal system, human being, bone cell, bone
a) bone cell, osteous tissue, bone, skeletal system, human being
b) bone cell, bone, skeletal system, osteous tissue, human being
c) osteous tissue, bone, bone cell, skeletal system, human being
d) osteous tissue, bone cell, bone, skeletal system, human being

Which of the following statements is TRUE?
a) A group of cells working together forms tissues.
b) A groups of tissues build cells.
c) Organs are a group of organ systems working together.
d) A group of organs working together forms tissues.

The peripheral nervous system is made up of ___________________ neurons and _________________ neurons.
a) sensory; motor
b) brain; spinal
c) dendrite; dendwrong
d) motor; muscle

The central nervous system consists of the ____________________ and __________________.
a) brain; spinal cord
b) brain; sensory neurons
c) brain; motor neurons
d) spinal cord; motor neurons

Which of the following is NOT a part of the skeletal system?
a) skeletal muscle
b) ligaments
c) cartilage
d) bones

Which of the following are stored in bones?
a) fats and minerals
b) brain tissue and cardiac muscle
c) oil and vinegar
d) smooth muscle and cardiac muscle

What do bones produce?
a) blood
b) hormones
c) digestive enzymes
d) tendons

The muscular system works together with the ______________________ system for movement.
a) skeletal
b) urinary
c) endocrine
d) circulatory

Which type of muscle can be found in the digestive tract and around blood vessels?
a) smooth muscle
b) cardiac muscle
c) skeletal muscle
d) nervous muscle

The type of muscle found in the heart is ____________________ muscle.
a) cardiac
b) smooth
c) skeletal
d) nervous

Which of the following is the main function of the nervous system?
a) sends and receives electrical messages
b) sends chemical messages
c) removes extracellular fluids from the blood
d) covers and protects

Which of the following statements is TRUE?
a) Skeletal muscles often work in pairs.
b) Smooth muscle makes up the heart.
c) Cardiac muscle is found in intestines.
d) Skeletal muscle is part of the skeletal system.

A group of organs working together for the same function is a(n) ____________.
a) organ system
b) cell
c) tissue
d) organism

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