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What might you have seen in Timbuktu four to six centuries ago?
a) people trading salt and gold
b) rain falling every day
c) fewer people than you see today
d) buses carrying people back and forth to work

Which of these describes part of the CULTURE in Timbuktu, Mali?
a) The main language in Mali is French.
b) Mali is located in West Africa.
c) Merchants once did lots of business in Timbuktu.
d) The sun shines brightly almost every day in Mali.

What are some things that culture includes?
a) language, food and holidays
b) parks, stores and hospitals
c) computers and textbooks
d) mountains, river and oceans

What language is spoken in Timbuktu?
a) Barmbara
b) Spanish
c) English
d) Timbuktunese

Whch would you probably see in Timbuktu, Mali?
a) a kora
b) people dresses in warm clothing
c) Mexican restaurants
d) Bald Head Island

What separates El Paso from Juarez, Mexico?
a) the Rio Grande River
b) the Atlantic Ocean
c) the Pacific Ocean
d) the Rocky Mountains

Geography is...
a) the study of the Earth, the land around a place
b) the way a group of people live
c) a place to work, play and live together
d) the number of people in an area

Where did the settlers of Astoria move from/
a) Scandiavia
b) Spain
c) Arapaho
d) Texas

Which of the following is not part of culture?
a) weather
b) clothing
c) language
d) food

What is a mosque?
a) church
b) river
c) game
d) storyteller

Which is a cool place to visit if you are in Wilmington/
a) Fort Fisher, a sand fort
b) Juarez, Mexico
c) gold mining ghost towns
d) the Scandinavian Mid-Summer Festival

In which state is Denver located?
a) Colorado
b) North Carolina
c) Texas
d) Oregon

How is Astoria different from Wilmington?
a) Astoria is on the other side of the United States from Wilmington.
b) Astoria is located on a river
c) People live and work in Astoria
d) There are fun things to do in Astoria

How are Denver, Colorado, and Wilmington, North Carolina, alike?
a) They were both settled by Native Americans.
b) Gold brought people to both communities
c) They are both near Bald Head Island
d) They are both located in the Rocky Mountains.

Who settled in Wilmington after the Native Americans?
a) English
b) Arapaho
c) Texans
d) Norwegians

How would you best describe the area where Wilmington is located?
a) It is between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean
b) It is in the pass between two mountains
c) It is in the middle of the desert
d) It is on the Pacific coast

In which state is Astoria located?
a) Oregon
b) Colorado
c) North Carolina
d) Texas

The Pacific Ocean is important to the community of ...
a) Astoria
b) Timbuktu
c) Denver
d) Wilmington

Where is El Paso, Texas, located
a) between two sets of mountains
b) near beautiful lakes
c) where two rivers meet
d) in a desert region

What is a community?
a) where people live, work, and have fun together
b) where people visit on vacation
c) where people go to work
d) where people cross a bridge over the Rio Grande

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