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Exponents are used to express what?
a) hard and easy questions
b) short and long answers
c) large and small numbers
d) simple or difficult problems

What is 5^6?
a) an exponent
b) a fraction
c) a percent
d) none of the above

What is the zero power?
a) Any exponent to the zero power is zero.
b) Any exponent to the zero power is one.
c) Any exponent to the zero power is not possible.
d) Any exponent to the zero power is 100.

Which is not a method to convert a number to a fraction?
a) Put the whole number over 100 as a fraction.
b) Multiply by 100.
c) Move the decimal to the right two times.
d) Multiply by .01.

What would .743 be as a percentage?
a) 7.43%
b) 74.3%
c) .743%
d) 75%

What is a percent?
a) A proportion of a number compared to 100.
b) A contrast of a number below 100.
c) A scientific calculation of the Sun's distance.
d) An indicator of significant figures.

What type of fraction is 12/5?
a) mixed
b) improper
c) proper
d) none of the above

What type of fraction is 1/4?
a) mixed
b) improper
c) proper
d) none of the above

What is a fraction?
a) a number greater than 1
b) a number from 0 to 1
c) a number greater than 100
d) a number less than 0

Which of the following best describes the division rule for fractions?
a) Keep, Change, Flip
b) Minus, Add, Subtract
c) Flip, Change, Keep
d) None of the Above

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