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What is a language that is a combination of native African langauges and Arabic?
a) Islam
b) Bantu
c) Cantonese
d) Swahili

Who are people that travel from place to place, with no permanent home?
a) Nomads
b) Citizens
c) City-states
d) Warriors

What caused the end of West African trade kingdoms?
a) No more interest in trade
b) Invaders from the north
c) Invaders from the south
d) They never ended....they still exist today!

How would you describe the majority of the African landscape?
a) Sahara Desert
b) Sahel
c) Savanna
d) Lakes

Which present-day country is location of the city of Aksum?
a) Ethiopia
b) Senagal
c) Egypt
d) South Africa

What was the main economy of the kingdoms of West Africa?
a) Herding
b) Trading
c) Farming
d) Hunting

Which of the following was an Islamic center of trade located in East Africa?
a) Ghana
b) Kilwa
c) Aksum
d) Mali

What is the main religion of Africa today?
a) Islam
b) Muslim
c) Christianity
d) Judaism

What is a city with its own government which controls the surrounding lands?
a) Country
b) Civilization
c) County
d) City-state

Who first united the kingdom of Mali?
a) Mansa Musa
b) Sundiata
c) Thutmose
d) Zimbabwe

What are accounts of history that have been passed down by word of mouth?
a) Basic traditions
b) Oral tradition
c) La historia
d) Secondary sources

What is an area of grassland with scattered trees and bushes?
a) Sahel
b) Peninsula
c) Desert
d) Savanna

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