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Define liberty.
a) a large statue in New York City
b) being allowed to do whatever you want
c) the freedom to act, think, or speak as one pleases
d) the freedom to do anything you want

Define debates
a) a public discussion of issues by people who disagree
b) getting into a fight
c) a historic practice of creating log cabins
d) being the president

Define rebelling.
a) doing whatever you want
b) believing that you are always correct
c) bragging
d) to rise against authority

Define intelligence.
a) jumping to conclusions
b) the ability to think, learn, and understand
c) believing in yourself
d) knowing everything

Define emancipation
a) the act of freeing or being freed
b) a type of log cabin
c) a job that a president must complete
d) another word for a man

Define legislator.
a) the freedom to act, think, or speak as one pleases
b) the ability to understand
c) a member of government that makes laws
d) the act of freeing

Define politics.
a) yelling loudly
b) the activity of government and running for offices
c) the ability to think, learn, and understand
d) a person who makes a great deal of money

In which sentence is the verb used correctly?
a) The dogs running into the house yesterday.
b) The dogs ran into the house yesterday.
c) The dogs runs into the house yesterday.
d) The dogs will be running into the house yesterday,

In which sentence is the adverb used correctly?
a) The girl sings beautyfully.
b) The girl sings beauty.
c) The girl sings beautiful.
d) The girl sings beautifully.

Which sentence is a simile?
a) She is a cheetah.
b) I love cheetahs!
c) Cheetahs are pretty.
d) She is as fast as a cheetah.

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