Fashion Merchandising 5.02 - 5.03 PART B Question Preview (ID: 15878)

5.02 - 5.03 PART B.[print questions]

The reason a customer hesitates to buy a product is a/an:
a) argument
b) boomerang
c) mistake
d) objection

A salesperson who explains the fiber content of a particular fabric has presented a/an:
a) benefit
b) feature
c) objection
d) option

A decided customer:
a) Has a need but has not identified a product to meet that need.
b) Knows exactly what he/she wants and why.
c) Needs the salesperson to make recommendations.
d) Wants to browse.

Which is a rational buying motive?
a) ambition
b) durability
c) fear
d) love

Which is a patronage motive?
a) durability
b) economy of use
c) love
d) merchandise assortment

Which is an emotional buying motive?
a) comfort
b) prestige
c) price
d) quality

Buying motives based on customers’ feelings are:
a) emotional
b) impulse
c) patronage
d) rational

An example of the greeting approach used in the retail selling process is:
a) Good afternoon, Ms. Edwards.
b) May I help you find a certain size?
c) We have a great selection of leather handbags.
d) Which sweater do you like best?

The LEAST effective selling approach for creating actual sales is the:
a) greeting
b) merchandise
c) opening
d) service

The FIRST face-to-face meeting of the customer and the salesperson is the:
a) approach
b) closing
c) demonstration
d) merchandise presentation

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