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Jane works in the menswear department at Hecht’s. She sends a written letter to a customer who purchased a suit asking about his satisfaction with the alterations service. Jane’s PRIMARY reason for communicating with her customer is to:
a) Check on the alterations department.
b) Follow through on commitments made during the sale.
c) Make sure her client file contains current information.
d) Satisfy a requirement of her supervisor.

Amy works at the cosmetics counter in a department store. Each time she performs a makeover for a customer, she records the information for future reference. Amy is using a/an:
a) client file
b) inventory record
c) sales record
d) stock list

George helps Roderick select two men’s dress shirts. After Roderick decides to purchase the shirts, George shows him matching ties. George is trying to increase the sale by using:
a) add-ons
b) more-than-one selling
c) special offers
d) trading up

Add-ons, trading up, special offers, and more-thanone are techniques for:
a) Closing the sale.
b) Determining wants and needs.
c) Handling objections.
d) Suggestion selling.

A salesperson, assisting a customer who appears ready to purchase, asks Would you like to use your store charge account? Which closing technique is illustrated?
a) direct
b) service
c) standing-room-only
d) which

Juan is helping a customer with a purchase. The customer cannot decide which item to buy. At this point, Juan’s BEST course of action to help his customer reach a buying decision would be to:
a) Show the customer more new merchandise.
b) Stop showing additional items
c) Use the direct close.
d) Use the standing room only close.

The salesperson’s first attempt to get a buying commitment from the customer is which type of sales close?
a) direcrt
b) service
c) trial
d) which

I found the same pants in another store for $5 less, states a customer. Yes, that is accurate, but we offer free alterations for the life of the garment, responds the sales associate. Which technique is being used to handle this objection?
a) boomerang
b) demonstration
c) direct denial
d) superior point

Anthony likes the khaki slacks but they must be dry cleaned he hesitates to purchase. The salesperson responds, Actually, these slacks are made with microfiber, so you can machine wash them and dry them on low . What objections technique is used?
a) demonstration
b) direct denial
c) question
d) third party

An exchange transaction in which the replacement merchandise sells for more or less than the returned merchandise is a/an:
a) allowance
b) even exchange
c) odd exchange
d) uneven exchange

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