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This term means toward the body surface.
a) superior
b) deep
c) superficial
d) proximal

This term means in front of
a) superior
b) posterior
c) ventral
d) lateral

This term means behind
a) ventral
b) posterior
c) anterior
d) deep

This term means farther from the origin
a) proximal
b) ventral
c) inferior
d) distal

This term means below
a) superficial
b) deep
c) superior
d) inferior

This term means toward the side
a) lateral
b) medial
c) deep
d) proximal

A cut made along the horizontal plane is called a _____________ section.
a) transverse
b) lateral
c) medial
d) sagittial

Groups of cells that have a common function are termed
a) organs
b) organ systems
c) organisms
d) tissues

The stomach is located in the _____________ quadrant.
a) upper left
b) lower right
c) lower left
d) upper right

The force exerted on the surface of the body by weight of air is termed
a) osmotic pressure
b) atmospheric pressure
c) blood pressure
d) none of the above

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