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Define vast.
a) small
b) a very cold land
c) great in size
d) a busy place where many people live

Define tilted.
a) to raise one side of
b) to be unfair
c) angry
d) to question repeatedly

Define withered.
a) a rotten apple
b) to dry up from loss of moisture
c) to be very skinny
d) to wish for

Define inhabit.
a) a large African bat
b) clothes a nun wears
c) to live in or on
d) a house

Define role
a) to shake out dice onto a table
b) a type of small bread
c) a strong belief one possesses
d) a position or function

Define luxury.
a) beautiful
b) expensive
c) fast
d) tricky

Define freighter.
a) a ship used for carrying cargo
b) a ship used for vacationers
c) to be scared
d) a loud noise

Define sewage.
a) a disease
b) to be very ill
c) waste that is carried off in sewers and drains
d) the ocean

a) a deep sound
b) a specific color of blue that has hints of green and purple
c) an area in the ocean where there are coral reefs and deep trenches
d) a shallow body of water usually connected to a larger body of water

Define fluent.
a) able to speak effortlessly
b) a disease
c) feeling special
d) someone who yells loudly

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