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This cavity is located inferior to the abdominal cavity.
a) vertebral cavity
b) pericardial cavity
c) abdominal cavity
d) pelvic cavity

This is the study of the functions of body structures.
a) histology
b) immunology
c) physiology
d) anatomy

What is the name of the serous membrane in closest proximity to the lungs?
a) visceral pleura
b) parietal pluera
c) parietal pericardium
d) visceral pericardium

Which of the following correctly lists the levels of structral organization in the human body from largest to smallest?
a) chemical-cellular-tissue-organ-organ system-organism
b) organism-organ system-organ-tissue-cellular-chemical
c) organ-organ system-organism-tissue-cellular-chemical
d) cellular-chemical-tissue-organ-organ system-organism

Which of the following orientation and directional terms have the same meaning (in humans)?
a) inferior and cranial
b) anterior and ventral
c) inferior and cephalad
d) anterior and dorsal

Which cavity contains the heart?
a) vertebral cavity
b) pleural cavity
c) pericardial cavity
d) abdominal cavity

Which term means closer to the origin?
a) inferior
b) proximal
c) distal
d) superior

Which term means above?
a) superficial
b) superior
c) deep
d) distal

Which term means toward the midline?
a) deep
b) proximal
c) lateral
d) medial

Which term means away from the body surface?
a) superficial
b) deep
c) proximal
d) distal

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