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What did Europe’s scientific revolution accomplish?
a) It successfully promoted the geocentric theory.
b) It reconfirmed the teachings of Galen and Aristotle.
c) It put into practice Descartes’s and Bacon’s revival of the scientific method.
d) It immediately swept away the Catholic Church’s authority over international affairs.

Which resulted from Portuguese exploration of West Africa in the 1400s?
a) The Portuguese gained control over trade in gold and ivory.
b) The Portuguese destroyed existing states like the Asante Kingdom
c) The Portuguese used the region as a base from which to conquer Egypt.
d) The Portuguese expelled nearly all the Muslims living in the region.

Enlightenment thought is best characterized by which of the following?
a) A complete rejection of religious faith.
b) A conviction that logic and reason were capable of solving social and political problems.
c) A deep faith in religious principles.
d) Support of the established political order.

Early on, what factor played the greatest role in determining where France, England and the Netherlands were able to explore and colonize?
a) Their preference for cooler climate environments.
b) Their relative technological backwardness in comparison to Spain and Portugal.
c) Their peace treaties with Spain and Portugal.
d) Spain’s and Portugal’s temporary monopolies on navigational knowledge.

What was one way the Ottomans legitimized Ottoman rule?
a) By asserting the religious authority of the caliphs.
b) By claiming the Mandate of heaven.
c) By means of the theory of divine right.
d) By stirring up tensions between Muslims and Christians.

The janissaries helped maintain the Ottomans’ military domination. Which best describes the janissaries?
a) Elite gunpowder troops recruited from Christian communities.
b) Aristocratic cavalry units from the Egyptian provinces.
c) Mercenary crossbowmen from East Asia.
d) Skilled naval commanders

During the Renaissance, which development contributed most to the Protestant Reformation?
a) Interest in Ancient Greece and Rome
b) Advances in mathematics and science.
c) Questioning of traditional authority.
d) Attention to realism and detail.

The Renaissance and Protestant Reformation were similar in that both were
a) stimulated by a spirit of inquiry
b) supported by the working class
c) limited to Italy, France, and Germany
d) encouraged by the successes of the French Revolution

When Martin Luther said, “my conscience is captive to the Word of God,” he was referring to his belief in
a) The supremacy of the Bible over church practices.
b) Imprisoning those who disagreed with Church teachings.
c) Maintaining the unity of the church
d) The need for nepotism

Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses is considered by many to be a turning point in history because
a) The Pope’s right to sell indulgences was strengthened.
b) Luther soon became the leader of Germany.
c) The power of the Roman Catholic Church was lessened and royal power grew.
d) The Roman Catholic Church unified the German states.

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