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How did Spanish leaders in Latin America misuse the Encomienda system?
a) Missionaries attempted to build Christian institutions for the natives.
b) Natives were forced to pay leaders gold for protection.
c) Land was taken from the inhabitants and the natives were enslaved
d) natives were introduced to the practice of democracy

Which factor influenced the settlement of coastal regions of West Africa during the age of exploration?
a) economic opportunity
b) european overpopulation
c) diplomatic relations
d) physical geography of the coast

To furnish labor for their estates in the Americas, the Spanish
a) imported peasants from Spain
b) utlizied Indian labor or imported African slaves
c) began to use wage laborers
d) made land grants to immigrants, who worked the land and paid a percentage of their profits to Spain

Which historical development involved the movement of crops, livestock, and diseases between the Americas and the Afro-Eurasian continents?
a) Establishment of the line of Demarcation
b) Creation of the Hanseatic League
c) Columbian Exchange
d) Glorious Revolution

Which statement describes the impact of the Columbian Exchange on the lives of Europeans?
a) The combination of new products and ideas promoted economic growth.
b) Native Americans immigrated to Europe and competed with Europeans for jobs.
c) Millions of Euopeans were killed by new American diseases.
d) Introduction of the Native American Religions resulted in the decline of the Roman Catholic Church.

Under the doctrine of mercantilism, Spain and Portugal encouraged their Latin American colonies to
a) Buy manufactured goods only from the mother country.
b) Permit foreign merchants to trade within the empires.
c) Allow the free settlement of English colonists within the New World.
d) Practice free trade.

Between 1500 and 1800, Europeans were primarily interested in tropical colonies in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and in the Caribbean because
a) Large profits could be made from products like sugar, coffee, and pepper.
b) These colonies had strategic military importance.
c) These areas had a small population and were therefore easy to control.
d) Many Europeans were interested in getting away from Europe’s wintry climate.

Which was an immediate result of the European Age of Exploration?
a) Islamic culture spread across Africa and Asia
b) European influence spread to the Western Hemisphere.
c) Independence movements developed in Asia and Africa.
d) Military dictatorships were established throughout Europe.

Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between European and Asian commercial interests in the 1500s?
a) Europeans took over the Asian trading network by force.
b) Europeans imposed a monopoly system on the spice trade.
c) Europeans abandoned any idea of colonizing or trading directly with Asians in favor of using Asian intermediaries.
d) Through trial and error, Europeans found that the best way to benefit from the Asian trading network was to join it.

How is the religious policy of the Ottoman Sultans best described?
a) They expelled Catholics and Protestants but not Orthodox Christians.
b) They had some tolerance, but taxed religious minorities.
c) They gave full equality to all worshippers regardless of faith.
d) They ruthlessly suppressed Jews and Christians.

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