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What are the five elements of a narrative?
a) Plot, character, conflict, theme, and setting
b) Plot, exposition, climax, setting, and conflict
c) Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution
d) Character, conflict, theme,external, and internal

What is the beginning of the story called?
a) climax
b) resolution
c) exposition
d) rising action

Every story has to have two things. What are they?
a) Setting and characters
b) Characters and conflict
c) Plot and theme
d) Plot and conflict

What is the one type of internal conflict?
a) Man vs. World
b) Man vs. Nature
c) Man vs. Self
d) Man vs. Man

Which of the following are examples of external conflict?
a) Man vs. Man
b) Man vs. Nature
c) both 1 and 2
d) neither

What are the two types of conflict?
a) Man vs. Man and Man vs. Alien
b) Internal and external
c) Internal
d) External

What is theme?
a) The protagonist.
b) The antagonist.
c) The actions in a story.
d) The lesson learned from a story.

What is setting?
a) Where the story takes place.
b) When the story takes place.
c) Answer 1 and 2
d) Neither

What is conflict?
a) The events in a story.
b) The lesson learned.
c) Who or what carries out the actions of a story.
d) The problem.

What is a character?
a) Where and when a story takes place.
b) The lesson learned from the story.
c) The person, animal, or creature that carries out the actions in a story.
d) An example of genre.

What is plot?
a) The main character.
b) The events in a story.
c) Internal and external conflict.
d) The turning point in a story.

We are introduced to three things in the exposition, they are?
a) Setting, characters, conflict
b) Setting, characters, theme
c) Conflict, setting, theme
d) Plot, characters, theme

The events that lead to the climax are called?
a) Exposition
b) Rising action
c) Falling action
d) Resolution

The turning point in the story, what the story is building towards, is called the?
a) Exposition
b) Rising action
c) Climax
d) Resolution

The events that occur after the climax are called the ?
a) Exposition
b) Resolution
c) Climax
d) Falling action

How the conflict was resolved is the ?
a) Exposition
b) Rising Action
c) Resolution
d) Falling Action

The main character or good guy of the story is the ?
a) Protagonist
b) Antagonist
c) Crowtagonist
d) Botagonist

The person in conflict with the main character is called the ?
a) Rotagonist
b) Protagonist
c) Leader
d) Antagonist

What do you call the map of the events of a story?
a) Plot map
b) Plot diagram
c) Plot pyramid
d) Plotted points

The word that means in time order is called ?
a) chronological
b) flashback
c) media res
d) timely

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