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Most erosion in a narrow V-shaped valley
a) is directed from side to side.
b) occurs on the stream's banks.
c) occurs on the floodplain.
d) is directed downwards.

The slope of a stream is called its
a) discharge
b) gradient
c) velocity
d) capacity

Where is the water table located?
a) at the bottom of the zone of saturation
b) at the ground surface
c) at the top of the zone of saturation
d) at the top of the zone of aeration

What is the maximum load a stream can carry called?
a) its discharge
b) its capacity
c) the gradient
d) its competence

What process puts water vapor into the atmosphere?
a) evaporation
b) runoff
c) infiltration
d) precipitation

Where is most of the Earth\'s water located?
a) in glaciers
b) in the atmosphere
c) in streams and rivers
d) in the oceans

Stalactites and stalagmites form when a cavern
a) is in the zone of saturation
b) has no water flowing through it
c) is above the water table
d) is in the zone of aeration

Which of the following rocks would form the best aquifer?
a) granite with low porosity and low permeability
b) sandstone with high porosity and high permeability
c) basalt with low porosity and low permeability
d) shale with high porosity and low permeability

A stream that flows into another larger stream is called a
a) tributary
b) meander
c) delta
d) distributary

What is a stream\'s suspended load?
a) material that moves along the stream bottom
b) material that floats on the stream surface
c) material that is carried in suspension
d) material that is carried in solution

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