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Compensation based on a percentage of the dollar amount of the sale made by a salesperson is:
a) commission
b) overtime
c) salary
d) wages

Small pieces of ribbon or cloth that are permanently attached to the insides of garments to provide product information are:
a) hanger loops
b) hangtags
c) labels
d) packaging

Cherie answers the customer’s questions about microfibers and explains the benefits of owning apparel made from microfibers. She is demonstrating:
a) commission selling
b) high esteem
c) high pressure selling
d) product knowledge

As a sales associate of Jarmin’s Menswear, Dakota must sell $500.00 worth of merchandise each night during the first three weeks in December. This is an example of a/an:
a) commission
b) incentive
c) sales quota
d) sales target

Which information would MOST LIKELY be included on a hangtag?
a) care requirements
b) Identification of the item’s country of origin
c) Identification of the producer or distributor
d) style and price

Payment and benefits for work accomplished are:
a) commission
b) compensation
c) insurance
d) sales quota

Many fashion retailers offer various methods of motivating their employees. They provide special opportunities such as promotions, rewards, and honors. The feeling that employees have regarding these opportunities is called:
a) company morals
b) happiness
c) organizatonal climate
d) store environment

Lisa works for Neiman Marcus. Customers make appointments with Lisa to tell her of their needs and preferences. She provides individualized attention to her customers and often pulls together their enire season's wardrobe. Lisa is a:
a) personal shopper
b) sales associate
c) sales clerk
d) stock associate

Which is NOT characteristic of a successful salesperson?
a) Creates repeat customers by solving customer problems
b) Develops professional relationships with customers
c) Is the only store contact for most customers
d) Leaves customers alone in the store so they can shop

The covering, wrapper, or container in which some items are placed is the:
a) container
b) hangtags
c) label
d) packaging

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