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A salesperson that stands behind a counter, takes customer orders, and rings up sales is a:
a) regester attendant
b) sales associate
c) sales clerk
d) sales representative

Nordstrom distinguishes itself from other department stores by providing exceptional service and exceeding customer’s expectations. Nordstrom uses:
a) communicaton selling
b) customer-oriented selling
c) high pressure selling
d) sales-oriented selling

Compensation based on a percentage of the dollar amount of the sale made by a salesperson is:
a) commission
b) overtime
c) salary
d) wages

John arrives at his retail sales job one hour before the store opens. He spends that time performing non-selling duties and responsibilities. What task would John NOT perform during that hour?
a) complete a sales transaction
b) gather and study product information
c) prepare merchandise for sale
d) process returns to vendors

Small pieces of ribbon or cloth that are permanently attached to the insides of garments to provide product information are:
a) hanger loops
b) hangtags
c) labels
d) packaging

David is planning to create a display of the new seasonal merchandise available in the menswear department. His BEST source of product information is a:
a) co-worker
b) customer
c) store buyer
d) trade publication

Successful salespeople should be:
a) Aggressive towards coworkers in order to gain sales and job promotions.
b) Forceful in dealing with undecided customers.
c) Slow to approach customers who are examining merchandise.
d) Skilled in solving customer problems to create repeat customers.

Personal selling:
a) Imposes the personal preferences of the salesperson.
b) Involves two-way communication with the customer.
c) Requires direct experience on the part of the customer.
d) Requires the salesperson to give personal information.

Sara works in a small fashion boutique. She tries to be responsive to customer needs so that she and the business will both benefit from:
a) added utility
b) more effective promoiton
c) pressure selling
d) repeat customers

Estee Lauder cosmetics will award the sales associate with the highest total sales for the summer a three-day all-expense-paid-trip to Myrtle Beach. The trip is a/an:
a) commission
b) incentive
c) salary
d) sales quota

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