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The ___ is a waxy layer that coats the surface of stems and leaves.
a) stomata
b) spore
c) chlorophyll
d) cuticle

During the plants life cycle, eggs and sperm cells are produced by the ___.
a) sporophyte
b) gametophte
c) gymnosperm
d) angiosperm

Seedless vacular plants include ferns, horsetails, and ___.
a) club mosses
b) liverworts
c) pine trees
d) mosses

___ is the green pigment in plants that absorbs light energy from the sun.
a) Nitrogen
b) Cuticle
c) Chlorophyll
d) Sporophyte

___ is the process by which plants use light energy from the sun to make food molecules.
a) Photosynthesis
b) Sporophytes
c) Gametophytes
d) Gymnosperms

Which statement does NOT correctly describe plants?
a) Plants make their own food.
b) Plants have a cuticle.
c) Plants cells do not have cell walls.
d) Plants reproduce with spores and sex cells.

Nonvascular plants move needed materials from one part of the plant to another by ___.
a) vascular tissues
b) photosynthesis
c) cellular respiration
d) diffision and osmosis

Which of the following statements does NOT apply to both green algae and plants?
a) They have the same kind of chlorophyll.
b) They have similar cell walls.
c) Their cells are surrounded by a cuticle.
d) They both conduct photosynthesis.

Which group of plants used to be called scouring rushes by the pioneers who used them to scrub pots and pans?
a) horsetails
b) mosses
c) ferns
d) club mosses

Mosses and liverworts are ___
a) vascular flowering seed bearing plants
b) nonvascular plants
c) vascular seedless plants
d) vascular nonflowering seed bearing plants

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