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A cell that becomes infected with a virus is called
a) a ciliate
b) an envelope
c) a parasitic cell
d) a host cell

Once inside a cell, a virus uses the cell to:
a) make new virses
b) make antibodies
c) make more host cells
d) make different types of virses

Tiny, nonliving particles made up of genetic mateiral and protein are
a) bacteria
b) paramecium
c) parasites
d) viruses

In order for a virus to attach to a host cell, the proteins must:
a) fit like a lock-and-key
b) fuse anywhere on the cell membrane
c) attach to a bacteria first
d) change its DNA

Many bacterial diseases can be cured using
a) toxins
b) endospores
c) viruses
d) antibiotics

You have a cold, but your doctor will not give you antibiotic, Why?
a) antibiotics do not kill viruses
b) colds are not infectious
c) antibiotics make the cold worse
d) antibiotics provide bacteria with food

Which disease can be contracted by inhaling infected droplets?
a) tetanus
b) rabies
c) flu
d) Lyme disease

The best treatment for most viral infections is:
a) an over-the-counter medication
b) a vaccine
c) an antibiotic
d) bed rest

An organism maybe protected from unfamiliar particles like viruses by a(n):
a) fever
b) immune system
c) antibiotics
d) host cell

Proteins that bind to viruses and prevent them from infecting cells are called:
a) antibiotics
b) vaccines
c) antibodies
d) protein lock-keys

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