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Which function allows you to cut away parts of images you do not need.
a) alignment
b) autoshapes
c) text wrapping
d) cropping

Which function allows you to move many objects at the same time?
a) alignment
b) cropping
c) grouping
d) text wrapping

Comic Sans is an example of
a) a font
b) a size
c) an autoshape
d) an image

When should you save your work
a) At the beginning of the document only
b) At the end of the document only
c) No need, if you print the document.
d) Regularly.

A red wavy line under a word shows
a) a grammatical error
b) a spelling error
c) a font error
d) a colour error

To change the colour inside a shape, you would use
a) font colour
b) shape fill
c) shape outline
d) shape effects

Text wrapping allows you to
a) colour your text and objects
b) place your text and objects in an order
c) crop your text and objects
d) spellcheck your work

Print preview is NOT used to
a) check good use of the page layout
b) check spelling
c) check images fit within the margins
d) check the document fits on the required number of pages

Which autoshape would be used to create speech bubble?
a) basic shape
b) callouts
c) stars and banners
d) flowchart

Which function allows you to place text exactly in the middle of the page
a) left alignment
b) right alignment
c) centre alignment
d) fully justified

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