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Review For CBA #1.

A snowball sits at the top of the hill. Which of the following changes will increase the kinetic energy of the snowball?
a) Additional snow falls on the snowball, increasing its mass.
b) The snowball is pushed and rolls down the hill, gaining speed.
c) The weather warms and the snowball melts, decreasing its mass.
d) The snowball is moved and now sits on a hill that is higher.

Which of the following examples best demonstrates kinetic energy?
a) A brick lying on the ground.
b) A kite flying across the sky.
c) A television sitting on a table.
d) A curtain hanging in the window.

A book is sitting on a table. Which of the following actions would add to its potential energy?
a) Sliding it across the table
b) Opening it to the middle
c) Dropping it on the floor
d) Lifting it to a high shelf

If the distance an object travels and the time it takes to travel the distance are known, which of the following can be calculated?
a) Average speed
b) Average acceleration
c) Instantaneous speed
d) Instantaneous acceleration

Which two measurements are needed in order to calculate the speed of an object in motion?
a) Distance and time
b) Time and mass
c) Force and distance
d) Volume and time

An object that is at rest will begin to move if which of the following is true?
a) The surface on which it rests is frictionless
b) The mass of the object is sufficient
c) Unbalanced forces act on the object
d) Gravity on the object can be reduced

Potential energy and kinetic energy are similar in that both –
a) are demonstrated when an object is at rest.
b) depend on the height of an object above the ground.
c) can each be converted into the other form.
d) will produce an increase in the mass of an object.

Which of the following best represents potential energy?
a) Air leaking rapidly from a car tire
b) A marble sitting at the top of a ramp
c) Heat radiating from a large forest fire
d) Water flowing through a rubber hose

Investigating which of the following questions would involve kinetic energy?
a) What is the effect of a boat’s shape on its speed?
b) Do boats float higher in salt or fresh water?
c) How does the color of a boat affect heat absorption?
d) What material makes the strongest boat?

5.A ball is rolling across a field with a force of 30 N. If the force of friction from the field is 9.7 N, what would be the net force of the ball?
a) 20.3
b) 11.3
c) 1.3
d) 21.3

If an object increases in speed, it must be as a result of -
a) increasing friction.
b) unbalanced forces.
c) gravitational attraction.
d) air resistance.

For an object to remain at rest, which of the following must be true?
a) The forces on it are balanced.
b) There is no friction.
c) Gravity does not act on it.
d) The object has no mass.

Which of the following situations is an example of unbalanced forces acting upon an object?
a) A rock accelerating as it rolls down a hill
b) A rope being pulled from both sides with equal force
c) A car moving constantly at 30 miles per hour
d) A science text book lying on the floor

Which of the following sets of forces acting on an object will result in the object moving?
a) 5 Newtons Up and 5 Newtons Down
b) 31 Newtons Left and 32 Newtons Right
c) 0 Newtons Up and 0 Newtons Down
d) 9 Newtons Left and 9 Newtons Right

If an object travels 42 meters in 6 seconds, what is its average speed?
a) 6 m/s
b) 7 m/s
c) 48 m/s
d) 252 m/s

What motion will result from two forces acting on an object: one force of 50 Newtons to the east, the other a force of 30 Newtons to the west? The object will –
a) move east at a constant speed.
b) accelerate to the east.
c) move west at a constant speed.
d) accelerate to the west.

Calculate the net force of the following situation. -- 2N + -- 8N =
a) -- 10N
b) -- 6N
c) -- 10N
d) -- 6N

Which of the following examples best represents an object with balanced forces acting upon it?
a) A boat moving through the water
b) A book sitting on a high shelf
c) A wagon rolling down a steep hill
d) A baseball thrown into the air

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