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a) in a way that is recent, not long ago
b) never before
c) with concern
d) int the afternoon

a) full of cheer, happy
b) upset
c) moody
d) jealous

a) in a way that is obedient, faithful
b) jumping up
c) taking time
d) looking ahead

a) easily discovered
b) deeply buried
c) amazingly clever
d) surprisingly famous

a) harsh
b) crisp
c) rainy
d) warm

a) usually
b) scarcely
c) desperately
d) independently

a) rivals
b) bosses
c) servants
d) messengers

a) ashamed
b) brillant
c) crushed
d) reasonable

a) in a way that is sincere, honest
b) fear
c) shame
d) concern

a) in a way that is coward, full of fear
b) in dnager
c) lacking friends
d) with little strength

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