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What are the parts of cells that perform the life functions of the cell?
a) mitochondria
b) organells
c) chlorophyll
d) nucleus

Which is the large organelle that is the control center of the cell?
a) nucleus
b) cell wall
c) vacuole
d) photosynthesis

What are the two structures that provide PLANT cells with extra support?
a) cell membrane and cell wall
b) cell wall and water-filled vacuoles
c) cell wall and chloroplasts
d) nucleus and mitrochondria

What is a group of cells that work together to perform a particular job called?
a) a multicellular organism
b) a single-celled organism
c) an organ
d) a tissue

Which of the following contains the most cells?
a) a tissue
b) an organ
c) an organ system
d) a single-celled organism

Which of the following is NOT a life function of a single-celled amoeba?
a) removing wates from the cell
b) moving
c) collecting food
d) making food from the sun's energy

In which structure of a plant does MOST photosynthesis take place?
a) roots
b) stems
c) xylem
d) leaves

Which structure of the plant prevents soils from being washed away?
a) phloem
b) roots
c) leaves
d) flowers

What is one difference between vascular and nonvascular plants?
a) Nonvascular plants are larger than vascular plants.
b) Vascular plants are usually found near moist locations.
c) Vascular plants are more complex than nonvascular plants.
d) Nonvascular plants have roots, stems, and leaves.

Which part of the plant carries water from the roots to the leaves?
a) xylem
b) phloem
c) roots hairs
d) stem

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