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Which molecules make up proteins?
a) a nucleic acid
b) phospholipids
c) carbohydrates
d) amino acids

What will happen if the concentration of water inside a cell is higher than the concentration of water outside a cell?
a) The cell will remain unchanged.
b) Water will move in to the cell.
c) Water will move out of the cell.
d) The cell will burst.

When people eat foods high in proteins, such as meat, the body breaks down the proteins into smaller molecules. What is supplied to cells when the body breaks down proteins?
a) amino acids
b) nucleic acids
c) phospholipids
d) carbohydrates

Ms. Salis explains to her class that sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) atoms bond to make table salt (NaCl). Which is the best description of table salt?
a) It is a cell.
b) It is a atom.
c) It is a element
d) It is a compound.

DNA stores genetic information. What type of molecule is DNA?
a) lipid
b) protein
c) nucleic acid
d) carbohydrate

Which of these is one of the six most common elements found in the human body?
a) iron
b) helium
c) oxygen
d) water

Some dog foods contain corn and wheat that provide the dog with carbohydrates. Why are carbohydrates important to cell processes?
a) They make amino acids
b) They form cell membranes.
c) They are a source of energy.
d) They help chemical processes happen.

Which of these is the smallest?
a) cells
b) atoms
c) molecules
d) cell membranes

Nutritionists know that lipids are a vital nutrient that helps keep cells working properly. What is one way the cells in our bodies use lipids?
a) to form cell membranes
b) to carry information in the cell
c) to make amino acids
d) to repair broken bones

Which molecule is a source of energy, a store of energy in the body, and can mix with water?
a) lipid
b) chlorophyll
c) nucleic acid
d) carbohydrate

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