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What is a braggart?
a) someone who gives to others
b) someone who boasts about themselves
c) someone who likes to listen to others
d) someone who owes people money

What is Andy's Father's job?
a) electrician
b) plumber
c) mason
d) teacher

What does Andy like to collect?
a) baseball cards
b) insects
c) art projects
d) markers

Which of these people do not live with Andy?
a) Winks
b) Keg
c) Marie
d) Jason

What does Winks do better than anybody according to Andy?
a) talk
b) laugh
c) swing
d) listen

Where did Jason's dad move to?
a) California
b) Hawaii
c) Pennsylvania
d) Indiana

Who is Mrs. Foley?
a) the art teacher
b) the classroom teacher
c) Marie's best friend
d) the museum director

What is the ka?
a) term for the organs that are removed
b) a type of hieroglyphic
c) spirit that lives within the mummy
d) name of an Egyptian tomb

Who is Mr. Gaven?
a) the principal
b) the art teacher
c) the museum guard
d) the substitute teacher

What adjective does Mr. Supp use to describe Andy's project?
a) magnificent
b) incredible
c) super
d) stupendous

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