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What is a factor that affects a business's selection of policies to guide its operations?
a) Communication skills of employees
b) Personal preferences of management
c) Nature of the business
d) Space available to display policies

Jami researched her international customers' buying behavior. Jami wanted to be sure she did NOT make the common mistake to do which of the following actions?
a) Offend the clients
b) Earn the clients' trust
c) Impress the clients
d) Persuade the clients to buy

What should you do to demonstrate a customer-service mindset in the following situation: An irate business customer yells at you because of a billing error?
a) Make sure the mistake is corrected
b) Blame the billing department
c) Get as upset as the customer
d) Call the person's supervisor to complain about the customer's attitude

What should help business people adapt their communication styles to appeal to clients from other cultures?
a) Being respectful, indifferent, and honest
b) Being confident, biased, and manipulative
c) Being sensitive, transparent, and demanding
d) Being patient, flexible, and empathetic

What is one of the purposes of having business policies?
a) To encourage customers to make frequent exchanges
b) To make sure the business's actions are consistent
c) To ensure that the business makes a profit
d) To allow employees to make decisions regarding customers

A customer asked you several questions about the new expandable notebooks. So that you address the customer's questions correctly, what should you do?
a) Spend as little time as possible answering customers' inquiries
b) Try to make a sale while you're answering each inquiry
c) Don't try to handle inquiries when you are busy with a sale
d) Make sure you clearly understand customers' inquiries

What are business people who fail to adapt their communication styles to appeal to their international clients likely to do?
a) Offend the clients
b) Earn the clients' trust
c) Impress the clients
d) Persuade the clients to buy

What is one of the benefits to a business of reinforcing service orientation through communication?
a) Promotes the sale of new products
b) Builds positive relationships with customers
c) Rewards customers for their support
d) Encourages employees to be aggressive

How do service-oriented companies often improve their levels of service?
a) By evaluating internal product development procedures
b) By requesting input through employee and customer surveys
c) By providing customers with product testimonials
d) By conducting a feasibility analysis for company expansion

What should employees do to maintain a customer-service mindset?
a) Listen to the words of soothing songs
b) Devote their full attention to customers
c) Maximize conversations with coworkers
d) Decide how to spend their break time

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