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What type of writing was used by ancient Egyptians?
a) hieroglyphics
b) picture writing
c) sanscript
d) brush script

What was the name for the substance used to dry out the body?
a) natron
b) herbs
c) sand
d) pepper

How many organs were placed in canopic jars?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Which organ was removed and thrown away?
a) liver
b) heart
c) brain
d) stomach

Which of these was not a reward given to pyramid workers?
a) beer
b) compete in gangs
c) time off
d) become priest for a day

What angle was used in pyramid building?
a) 90 degrees
b) 60 degrees
c) 52 degrees
d) 30 degrees

What type of person did most of the work on pyramids?
a) slaves
b) farmers
c) gods
d) craftsmen

What type of stone was used to build pyramids?
a) limestone
b) granite
c) mudbrick
d) marble

What type of game was found in King Tut's tomb?
a) checkers
b) senet
c) chess
d) tic-tac-toe

Who found the tomb of King Tut?
a) Howard Carter
b) Lord Carnevon
c) Howard Smith
d) Howard Johnson

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