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Europeans were not able to take over Vietnam and Thailand because these countries
a) These countries spread deadly diseases to Europeans
b) These countries had superior weapons
c) They did not know how to travel to these places
d) Had strong kingdoms that united to drive out foreigners

Triangle trade refers to the three...
a) continents involved in the trade
b) goods traded
c) countries involved in the trade
d) years it took to cross the Atlantic

Which people were most in demand as slaves?
a) Young women
b) Young men
c) Children
d) Older men

What was the attitude of MOST African leaders toward the slave trade?
a) They cooperated with the European slave traders
b) They fiercely fought against European slave traders
c) They were absolutely against slavery
d) They surrendered to European slave traders

Which item was NOT traded for slaves?
a) gold
b) cowry shells
c) iron products
d) alcohol

The journey slaves took from Africa to the West Indies was called
a) The Southern Passage
b) The Middle Passage
c) The Long Road Home
d) The Atlantic Voyage

The spread of this especially angered Chinese and Japanese rulers.
a) Christianity
b) mercantilism
c) capitalism
d) Islam

Which statement describes colonization in India?
a) Indians fought fiercely against Europeans
b) Europeans tried to conquer all of India
c) Europeans were not interested in trade with India
d) Europeans built trading posts on the coast of India

China and Japan practiced isolationism. This means...
a) They wanted to conquer Europe
b) They welcomed foreigners in their country.
c) They didn't want to be involved with the rest of the world.
d) They wanted to spread their religions.

What goods were produced in the West Indies?
a) Iron and steel
b) Fish and ships
c) Corn and squash
d) Sugar and molasses

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