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What radioactive isotope is used to date once-living artifacts?
a) Carbon-12
b) Carbon-14
c) Uranium-238
d) Uranium-235

What is a limitation of carbon-dating?
a) Not all living things contain C-14.
b) The half-life of C-14 might vary, depending on the environment.
c) Some artifacts are too old to date accurately using this method.
d) None of the above.

What is the half-life of C-14?
a) 5730 years
b) 5.0 billion years
c) 11460 years
d) Depends on the amount of C-14 remaining in the sample.

When a nucleus splits into smaller nuclei, this process is known as:
a) Transmutation
b) Fusion
c) Fission
d) Quantum Mechanics

An example of fusion can be seen in:
a) Carbon-dating
b) Nuclear Power Plants
c) Nuclear Weapons
d) The Sun

A nuclear power plant utilizes the controlled fission of:
a) Uranium-235
b) Uranium-238
c) Carbon-14
d) Hydrogen-1

How do 'control rods' regulate the fission reaction in a nuclear plant?
a) They cool down the steam inside of the plant.
b) They emit other particles to balance the U-238.
c) They absorb extra neutrons, preventing a chain reaction.
d) They offer a protective barrier to shield civilians from a nuclear meltdown.

How much U-235 is needed to supply the same amount of energy as 1780 lbs of coal?
a) 1 atom
b) A 1-inch pellet
c) 1.2 lbs
d) 7540 lbs

**BONUS** Why is the McGuire power plant located next to Lake Norman?
a) The lake looks pretty next to the ugly plant.
b) Our country wants to poison the fish.
c) It serves as a heat sink, which helps to keep the plant cool.
d) There is no link between these two things.

**BONUS!** At which of the following locations has there been a major nuclear accident?
a) Chernoby, Ukraine
b) Fukushima, Japan
c) Three Mile Island, USA
d) All of the above

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