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What is another name for the grassland?
a) savanna
b) tropical rainforest
c) sahel
d) desert

What is the name given to the areas which border the desert?
a) savanna
b) tropical rainforest
c) sahel
d) Mediterranean

Which ruler unified Songhai?
a) Mansa Musa
b) Askia Muhammad
c) Sunni Alli
d) Sunni Barru

Which ruler made a famous pilgrimage to Mecca?
a) Sunni Barru
b) Mansa Musa
c) Askia Muhammad
d) Sunni Alli

What was an important effect of West African Trade ?
a) Diseases spread rapidly.
b) People began to move out of the area to new places.
c) The religion Islam spread and influenced the cultures of West Africa.
d) New leaders were needed to rule the kingdoms.

What is a pilgrimage?
a) A journey to a holy place
b) A time to eat lots of food
c) A religous text
d) A holy man

What technological advance hlped the rise of West African trading nations?
a) bronze tools
b) silver jewelery
c) clay pottery
d) iron tools and weapons

Timbuktu was the capital of which kingdom?
a) Ghana
b) Songhai
c) Mali
d) Arabia

Which group of people were responsible for the fall of Ghana?
a) Berbers
b) Bantus
c) Almoravids
d) Romans

What were two important trade goods in West Africa?
a) gold and silver
b) salt and bronze
c) iron and steal
d) salt and gold

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