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when differences in language hinder communication
a) language barrier
b) tutor
c) bilingual
d) tradition

disliking a person without knowing anything about him
a) prejudice
b) tradition
c) language barrier
d) apprentice

to come to America from another country
a) immigrate
b) emigrate
c) tradition
d) apprentice

group of people who have always been in America
a) Native Americans
b) English
c) French
d) Spanish

started Hull House to Americanize immigrants
a) Jane Addams
b) Emma Lazarus
c) Betsy Ross
d) Martha Washington

one who learns a trade by working for a skilled craftsman
a) apprentice
b) steel worker
c) English teacher
d) tutor

a practice or belief handed down from generation to generation
a) tradition
b) responsibility
c) prejudice
d) religion

Most immigrants learned ___________ by being with others in the neighborhood.
a) English
b) how to make pizza
c) where to go to school
d) French

It is not unusual for an immigrant to take ten years to
a) adjust to the American way of living.
b) pass the test to become an American citizen.
c) come to American form another country.
d) pass 4th grade.

The location with the most ports of entry is
a) New York, New York.
b) San Francisco, California.
c) Chicago, Illinois.
d) Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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