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The _________ is the control center of the body.
a) brain
b) heart
c) neuron
d) proton

A(n) ________________ is the signal conducting cell of the nervous system.
a) neuron
b) neutron
c) engine cell
d) asteroid

A(n) _________ is a material which permits the flow of energy.
a) conductor
b) insulator
c) tube
d) neuron

A(n) ___________ is a material which restricts the flow of energy.
a) insulator
b) conductor
c) neuron
d) shield

_________ receive signals passed along from other neurons.
a) dendrites
b) axons
c) neurotransmitters
d) partner cells

_______ carry electrical signals away from the cell body.
a) axons
b) dendrites
c) cell wires
d) neurotransmitters

_______ is an insulator that wraps around the axon of some neurons and speeds the electrical signal.
a) myelin
b) wood
c) sealant
d) mylar

A(n) _______ is a fluid filled gap where axons connect with other neurons.
a) synapse
b) moat
c) neurotransmitter
d) myelin

_________ are chemicals that are released into the synapse and stimulate neighboring neurons or muscle cells.
a) neurotransmitters
b) conductors
c) protons
d) axons

__________ states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can change from one form to another.
a) The Law of Conservation of Energy
b) The Law of Gravity
c) The Law of Neuronal Signaling
d) The Law of Everything is Energy

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