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An unusual gift presented to young Victor by his parents is...
a) a horse
b) a trip to Spain
c) a chemistry set
d) Elizabeth

The monster learns that Victor lives in Geneva from?
a) Victor's journal
b) Felix
c) a book

The monster begs De Lacey to what?
a) protect him
b) read to him
c) play music for him
d) set him up on a date

Clerval did NOT come to Ingolstadt to what?
a) be with Victor
b) study languages
c) study chemistry
d) attend the university

When Victor travels to Chamounix, he...
a) gets lost
b) meets the monster
c) visits the DeLacey's
d) witnesses a thunderstorm

Victor dies in the presence of...
a) the monster
b) Walton
c) his father
d) Margaret

Victor goes to the Orkneys to....
a) create the female monster
b) find the monster
c) get married
d) meet Henry

After the wedding, Victor and Elizabeth go to...
a) Geneva
b) Villa Lavenza
c) an inn in Evian
d) the new Denny's that just opened in Scottsburg.

The monster stops stealing the cottagers' food because he...
a) realizes they need it
b) gets caught
c) finds a nearby storehouse of food
d) doesn't need to eat

Victor's first reaction to the monster is foreshadowed by his...
a) dislike of an ugly professor
b) work in chemistry
c) arrival at the university
d) mother's death.

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