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The Mountain region in North Carolina
a) is the most sparsely populated region, with Christmas tree farms identified as a major industry
b) is located in the eastern part of the state
c) is the most populated region and provides hiking and other activities
d) remains rural with tourism denoted as one of the major industries

A common characteristics of North Carolina Immigrants included
a) leaving home in order to learn new advances in farming
b) a focus on family farming
c) total commitment to being a pacifist
d) to become a tarheel

the Treaty of Paris
a) ended the nine year French and Indian with the Bristish gaining control of Florida and all the land east of the Miss. riv
b) ended the seven year French and Indian war
c) and the Albany Plan of Union ended the nine year French and Indian war
d) ended the French and Indian War with the French gaining the land east of the Miss. river

The northern half of the North Carolina became known as the Granville District why?
a) because Lord Granville refused to sell his rights to King George II
b) because Lord Granville sold his rights to King George II
c) because the colonist refused to be a royal colony
d) because the colonists did not agree with the rules made by King George II

The Great Wagon road
a) was known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic
b) helped to reduce fears of Indian attacks
c) was located in England
d) opened up North Carolina's back country for settlement

When did the Northern part of the Carolina Colony became known as North Carolina?
a) when South Carolina wanted their own state
b) when the colony grew and their status was elevated
c) when the Lords Proprietors split the colony and appointed a separate governor for each part
d) when North Carolina wanted to free of British Rule

Culpeper's rebellion resulted from
a) the colonist supporting the Navigation Acts
b) the colonist opposing the Navigation Acts
c) the colonist opposing the Vestry Act
d) the colonist supporting the Vestry Act

The French and Indian War pitted
a) the English against the Colonist
b) the English and the Colonist against the French
c) The English and colonist against the french and the Indians
d) The English and the Colonist against Spain

Who was Viriginia Dare?
a) The governor of North Carolina
b) The Queen of England
c) The first born child in the New World
d) the leader of the Roanoke colony

Where did Blackbeard live when he gave up being a pirate
a) Bath
b) Topsail Island
c) Roanoake
d) Wilmington

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