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How do scientists who speak different languages make their data undersandable to one another?
a) they use different systems of measurement
b) they all use SI
c) they communicate through a universal translator
d) they all must speak french

What is the relationship in which the ratio of the manipulated variable and the responding variable is constant?
a) inverse proportion
b) direct proportion
c) slope
d) interdependent

How do scientists communicate the results of investigations?
a) by publishing articles in scientific journals
b) by giving talks at scientific conferences
c) by exchanging emails
d) all of the above

The type of graph used to show how a part of something relates to the whole is which of the following?
a) circle graph
b) bar graph
c) line graph
d) direct proportion

On the celsius scale, at what temperature does water boil?
a) 0 degrees
b) 212 degrees
c) 100 degrees
d) 32 degrees

What is a peer review?
a) a where only a close friend looks at the scientists' work
b) where scientists examine other scientists' work
c) where scientist's copy other scientist's work
d) where scientist's keep their work secret

Why are peer reviews important?
a) scientists receive questions and criticism from their peers
b) data are checked for accuracy
c) scientists receive comments and suggestions from other scientists
d) all of the above

If the relationship between the manipulated variable and the responding variable is a direct proportion, what would the line graph look like?
a) straight line
b) curved line
c) jagged line
d) none of the above

What are the units for length
a) meter
b) liter
c) gram
d) kelvin

Which of the following is not part of the SI system?
a) Kelvin
b) Celsius
c) Fahrenheit
d) Gram

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