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What are natural resources that are replaced at the same rate at which they are used?
a) conserved resources
b) nonrenewable resources
c) coal and petroleum
d) renewable resources

Which of the following describes a way to conserve a natural resource?
a) leaving the water running while you are brushing your teeth
b) turning off lights when you are not using them
c) using paper plates instead of regular plates
d) leaving all the lights on in your house when you go to school

Which one is and example of a nonrenewable resource?
a) a forest
b) a river
c) an ocean
d) a coal deposit

What is soil?
a) a mixture of rock and clay
b) a mixture of weathered rock and organic material
c) a mixture of chemicals and fertilizers
d) a mixture of dirt and bacteria

Which of the following describes a soil horizon?
a) the ability of soil to grow plants
b) a layer of soil
c) a slice of soil showing all of it's layers
d) layers made up of several soil profiles

Which of the following areas has the most nutrient-rich soil?
a) tropical areas
b) desert areas
c) temperate areas
d) areas near lakes and ponds

Which soil horizon provides nutrients for plant growth?
a) the subsoil
b) bedrock
c) the topsoil
d) the bacteria horizon

Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
a) petroleum
b) coal
c) gas
d) wind

Which of the following does NOT help conserve resources?
a) turning the faucet off while you brush your teeth
b) using less paper at school
c) turning off lights when they are not in use
d) washing a load of clothes every night

Which of the following is a nonrenewable resource that formed from the remains of plants that have been buried under layers and layers of rock on Earth's surface?
a) coal
b) oil
c) natural gas
d) petroleum

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