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Water becomes _____ when it freezes. This is ______ most substances.
a) less dense, different from
b) more dense, different from
c) less dense, the same as
d) more dense, the same as

What is salinity?
a) all the organic dissolved solids in water.
b) the amount of sodium chloride in water.
c) is determined by the amount of sodium in the ocean.

The bonds that connect one water molecule to another are ____ _____ bonds.
a) weak, hydrogen
b) strong, hydrogen
c) weak, covalent
d) strong, covalent

The ocean is stratified with _____ _______ water on top.
a) warm, less salty
b) cold, less salty
c) warm, more salty
d) cold, more salty

The salts in the oceans come from
a) runoff on the continents.
b) ice melting at the poles.
c) precipitation.
d) comets.

The average salinity of the oceans is
a) 35 ppt.
b) 37 ppt.
c) 40 ppt.
d) 45 ppt.

What is a polar molecule?
a) a molecule with a shape that causes it to have a positive end and a negative end.
b) A molecule found in only pure water.
c) A molecule that occurs when a molecule freezes.
d) A molecule only found at the poles.

The salinity of oceans
a) varies across the globe.
b) is the same everywhere.
c) is determined by the amount of sodium in the ocean.
d) has no bearing on water density.

If ice did not float, Earth would
a) all answers are correct
b) probably be too cold for life.
c) have a different climate.
d) have oceans that were completely frozen.

Water molecules sticking to one another is called
a) cohesion.
b) adhesion.
c) the colligative property.
d) surface tension.

Hydrogen bonds form between
a) the oxygen of one molecule and the hydrogen of another.
b) the oxygen of one molecule and the oxygen of another.
c) the hydrogen of one molecule and the hydrogen of another.

Water is unique because in its frozen state its density is _____ when it's in the liquid state.
a) less than
b) the exact same
c) more than

Salinity at the equator is _______ because of _______.
a) higher, evaporation
b) lower, runoff from rivers
c) higher, precipitation
d) lower, condensation

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