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Which desktop publishing feature is used when the school motto is written at the bottom of each page of the school newspaper?
a) running header
b) running footer
c) caption
d) jumpline

In a magazine article, the graphic of a runner extended beyond the side of a page. This is an example of:
a) bleed
b) caption
c) jumpline
d) sidebar

Shaq is creating a publication and types the title in yellow with dark green behind it. This is an example of a:
a) caption
b) reverse text
c) text box
d) water mark

The second page of the school newspaper has a section that contains the editor's name, the photographer, and school reporters. This is an example of a/an:
a) end sign
b) kicker
c) masthead
d) nameplate

Austin printed a sample copy of her class brochure to make sure everything was placed correctly and make sure there were no errors. This is an example of a:
a) grid
b) masterpage
c) prototype
d) template

Trey wrote an article for the school newspaper. Between the title and the body, he wrote a short statement of what the article was about. This is an example of a:
a) byline
b) deck
c) kicker
d) nameplate

Which design feature is used when a statement is placed just above a heading to get the reader's attention?
a) byline
b) deck
c) kicker
d) running header

Monica is typing a newsletter article and has come to the end of the page. She will continue the article on another page. Which desktop publishing special feature will she use to let readers know where to go to continue reading the article?
a) caption
b) jumpline
c) pull quote
d) sidebar

Jeremy is creating a play bill and wants the company's phone number to show up in the same place on each page. In order to accomplish this, she should modify the:
a) grid
b) master page
c) mockup
d) prototype

Josh is working with a desktop publishing document. He wants to move the text closer to the edge of the page. Which guide should he use to make the change?
a) Column
b) Grid
c) Margin
d) Ruler

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