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Review Concepts On The Regions And The Colonial NC.[print questions]

The English believed that
a) Native Americans were excellent navigators of the ocean.
b) Native americans were less educated and less intelligent than Europeans
c) Native American government was superior to the English governement
d) Native Americans wee more educated and more intelligent than the Europeans

The English began to colonize the New World
a) to secure bases to monitor the Spanish and gain land and jobs for its population
b) to increase trade between the eastern and western hempisheres
c) to improve their economy by trading with the native population
d) to evaluate the effectiveness of their advancements in water transporation

The lost colony was
a) the English settlement in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia
b) the dutch settlement called New Amsterdam
c) the second attempt to colonize Roanoke by Sir Walter Raleigh
d) the third attempt to colonize Roanoke led by John White

The coastal Plain in North Carolina is
a) the most accessible region from the west
b) the easternmost and largest region
c) the easternmost and smallest region
d) the center of manufacturing in the state

From the coastal marches to the rolling hills and beautiful mountains, the geography of N. C.
a) provides a varied landscape
b) is rugged and hard to navigate
c) provides year round climate control
d) promotes the sale of all terrain vehicles

The first part of the state settled by the Europeans was
a) the peidmont
b) the mountains
c) the great wagon road
d) the coastal plain

the mountain region
a) is densely populated
b) the area with the fastest growing population
c) the area that is sparsely populated
d) known as the city of triangles

the textiles, furniture and tobacco industries were located in what part of NC
a) Piedmont region
b) along the rivers
c) the coastal plain
d) the mountains

What is a primary source
a) novel and short stories
b) letters, diaries, and oral accounts
c) the beginning of a river
d) textbooks

what is a secondary source?
a) artifacts that tell about the time in which they were produced
b) oral account
c) textbooks and items created by people who did not witness events
d) diaries

the fall line is
a) a place where the mountainous land drops to the lower lands of the Peidmont
b) where animals hibernate
c) marshy area near the coast
d) a place where the Peidmont land drops to the lower lands of the Coastal Plain

The Piedmont is a major landform that means the foot of the Mountainand lies
a) between the valleys of the Appalachian Mountains
b) between the coastal plain and the mountain region
c) between the coastal plain and the barrier island
d) between the fall line and the coastal plain

the coastal plain can be described as
a) largely urban with farming as a major economy activity
b) largely rural with farming as a major economy activity
c) rural and housing limited number of military bases
d) urban and providing commercial fishing

the Peidmont is
a) most urbanized, industrialized, and wealthiest region
b) middle region of the state that has high mountains
c) most economically challenged region
d) near the Atlantic Ocean

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