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Biology Review.[print questions]

a) make their own food using energy from the sun
b) are dependent on other organisms for food
c) are all vertebrates
d) none of these

An animal cell placed in a hypotonic environment will undergo cytolosis.
a) true
b) false

Which of the following is in the correct order from most general to most specific
a) kingdom, phylum, class, genus, species
b) phylum, kingdom, class, order, family
c) kingdom, order, phylum, genus, species
d) order, family, phylum, species, genus

Fertilization is an example of
a) sexual reproduction
b) asexual reproduction
c) budding
d) none of these

Budding, cell division, fission, and plant runners are examples of
a) Asexual reproduction
b) Sexual reproduction
c) both sexual and asexual reproduction
d) neither sexual or asexual reproduction

Endotherms maintain a constant body temperature.
a) true
b) false

In an osmoconformer the internal salt concentration of the organism varies with the environment
a) false
b) true

A group of seals nesting together on a beach is called a
a) ecosystems
b) communities
c) populations
d) individuals

An organelle that is selectively permeable and allows only certain substances to pass into or out of a cells
a) cell membrane
b) cell mitochondria
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) golgi body

Communities and the physical environment make up
a) population
b) community
c) ecosystem
d) individual

A product of cellular respiration is
a) ATP
b) glucose
c) oxygen
d) solar energy

The molecule that stores genetic information is
a) DNA
b) glucose
c) ATP
d) protein

The smallest unit of life is a
a) cell
b) protein
c) mitochondria
d) DNA

Prokaryotes include all bacteria.
a) true
b) false

Which of the following shows the correct levels of organization in order of increasing complexity?
a) organelle, tissue, organ, community
b) cell, molecule, tissue, population, ecosystem
c) molecule, atom, cell, organ system, ecosystem
d) cell, tissue, organ, community, population

Carbohydrates are important because they
a) provide energy
b) are structural molecules
c) repel water
d) store genetic information

Which organic molecule is best for long-term storage of energy?
a) lipids
b) simple carbohydrates
c) proteins
d) nucleic acids

One of the reactants of photosynthesis is
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) glucose
d) nitrogen

All of the following are characteristics of living things EXCEPT
a) movement
b) response
c) reproduction
d) make sound

Starches and glucose are examples of
a) carbohydrates
b) nucleic acids
c) lipids
d) proteins

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