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What is the opening through which food passes into the body?
a) Throat
b) Mouth
c) Esophagus
d) Stomach

What consists mostly of skeletal muscle and is attached in the prosterior region of the mouth?
a) Tongue
b) Palate
c) Uvula
d) Mouth

What separates the nasal cavity from the oral cavity?
a) Esophagus
b) Tongue
c) Palate
d) Oral Cavity

What performs the swallowing action that passes food from the mouth into the esophagus, also known as the throat?
a) Esophagus
b) Pharynx
c) Intestine
d) Mouth

What is first 10 to 12 inches of the small intestine?
a) Duodenum
b) Large Intestine
c) Jejunum
d) Antrum

What is the J-shaped sac that mixes and stores food?
a) Small Intestine
b) Stomach
c) Large Intestine
d) Colon

What is the canal that is approximately 5 feet long and extends from the ileum to the anus?
a) Large Intestine
b) Small Intestine
c) Cecum
d) Rectum

What is the sphincter muscle at the end of the digestive tract?
a) Stomach
b) Colon
c) Rectum
d) Anus

What is the inflamation of the appendix
a) Appendicitis
b) Gastroenteritis
c) esophagitis
d) Appendix

What is a tumor of the bile duct?
a) Cholecystitis
b) Cholangioma
c) Gastritis
d) Diverticulitis

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