Waiting For Normal 1-9 Question Preview (ID: 15768)

Quiz Review For Chapters 1-9 In Waiting For Normal.[print questions]

What is Addie's given name?
a) Adella
b) Adelaide
c) Addison
d) Addie

What does billow mean?
a) To swell out; puff up
b) To gather together by foraging
c) A large beam of steel
d) Wicked person

What did Addie consider to be normal?
a) Lunch
b) Dinner
c) Breakfast
d) Snacks

What did Addie think that you needed to be a happy person?
a) Your health
b) Heros in your lfe
c) Food
d) Money

What did Addie make for their first dinner in the trailer
a) Butter and toast
b) Macaroni and cheese with peas
c) Hamburgers
d) Cereal

Who did Addie stick up for and why
a) Robert because he was being made fun of
b) Helena because she was being made fun of
c) The Littles because Mommers was picking on them
d) Dwight because Mommers was yelling at him

Why did Addie make dinners?
a) Here mom did not make them so she became a specialist in toast dinners.
b) Her mom made Addie make dinner
c) She had to cook for a class at school
d) Addie didn't make dinner, her mom did

Who were the first people that Addie met in the neighborhood?
a) Jack and Jill
b) Dwight and Helena
c) Soula and Elliot
d) She never met anyone in the neighborhood

What instrument did Addie play?
a) The piano
b) The violin
c) The guitar
d) The flute

What was Addie's goal for the school year?
a) To get all A's
b) To make stage orchestra
c) To become class president
d) To stay out of trouble

Who was Grandio?
a) Dwight's father
b) Addie's grandfather
c) Mommer's husband
d) The school principal

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