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A science researcher is reviewing another scientist's experiment and conclusion. When would the reviewer most likely consider the experiment invalid?
a) if the sample size produced a great deal of data
b) if other individuals are able to duplicate the results
c) if the hypothesis was not supported by the data obtained
d) if it contains conclusions not explained by the evidence given

In an experiment to test the effect of exercise on the number of times a clothespin can be squeezed in 1 minutes, the dependent variable would be the
a) test subject
b) amount of exercise
c) number of squeezes
d) clothespin

Which statement best describes a hypothesis?
a) A hypothesis is the process of making careful observations.
b) The conclusion drawn from the results of an experiment is part of a hypothesis.
c) A hypothesis serves as a basis for determining what data to collect when designing an experiment
d) The facts collected from an experiment are written in the form of a hypothesis.

Conclusions based on an experiment are most likely to be accepted when
a) a. they are consistent with experimental data and observations
b) they are derived from investigations having many experimental variables
c) scientists agree that only one hypothesis has been tested
d) hypotheses are based on one experimental design

Which statement represents an unsafe procedure for heating a nutrient solution in a flask?
a) heat the solution at the lowest temperature possible on a hot plate
b) stopper the flask tightly to prevent evaporation of the solution
c) use a Bunsen burner to heat the solution
d) stir the solution while it is heating

Which statement best describes a scientific theory?
a) It is a collection of data designed to provide support for a prediction.
b) It is an educated guess that can be tested by experimentation.
c) d. It is a general statement that is supported by many scientific observations.
d) It is a scientific fact that no longer requires any evidence to support it

The development of an experimental research plan should not include a
a) list of safety precautions for the experiment
b) list of equipment needed for conducting the experiment
c) procedure for the use of technologies needed for the experiment
d) conclusion based on data expected to be collected in the experiment

Researchers performing a well-designed experiment should base their conclusions on
a) the hypothesis of the experiment
b) data from repeated trials of the experiment
c) a small sample size to insure a reliable outcome of the experiment
d) results predicted before performing the experiment

results predicted before performing the experiment
a) The experiment must be repeated a number of times and yield similar results.
b) After one trial, the results of the experiment must be published.
c) The results must be expressed in the form of a table or graph.
d) The data must include metric measurements.

If a control group is not included in an experiment, it would be difficult to
a) formulate a hypothesis for the experiment
b) make observations about the experimental group
c) record data in a data table
d) draw a valid conclusion

A controlled experiment allows the testing of
a) a single variable
b) a logical conclusion
c) a variety of information
d) several variables

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