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The 3 branches of government all have their own jobs to do
a) separation of power
b) checks and balances
c) where the money comes from
d) legislative branch

No branch of government has more power than the other
a) checks and balances
b) separation of power
c) executive branch
d) why we need laws

Why does the local government need money?
a) to give services to the people
b) to make new laws
c) to hold elections
d) to make us safe

Where does the money come from that local government receives?
a) from taxes that people pay
b) from the services for the people
c) from the laws they make
d) from the elections

What is the money that local governments receive spent on?
a) roads, libraries and paying people like firefighters and police
b) food from the grocery store
c) things to run the government
d) computers for the government

Why do we need laws?
a) to make us safe, to be fair, and make sure we are protected
b) rules that people must follow
c) to make us stop at a stop light
d) to make our lives harder

A time when citizens can vote for the leader they think should become their elected official is...
a) election
b) services
c) citizens
d) laws

A leader who works for the citizens and is elected, or picked by the citizens
a) elected official
b) appointed official
c) election
d) services

Things that the government provides to its citizens, such as roads or schools
a) services
b) laws
c) citizens
d) election

rules that citizens must follow
a) laws
b) citizens
c) services
d) local government

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