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Why are decomposers important to the ecosystem
a) They release stored energy and nutrients from dead organisms
b) They eat dead animals
c) they provide a direct food source for producers
d) they are not important

When leftover food is put into a compost bin and turns into soil, what is occuring?
a) Decaying causes the food to become cold
b) Energy leaves the food
c) Matter is recycled through decay
d) New elements are formed

What is it called when food scraps are collected and composted?
a) recycling
b) pollution
c) respiration
d) fermentation

Which organisms can undergo photosynthesis
a) Animals
b) fungi
c) plants
d) animals and fungi

What happens to the solar energy absorbed during photosynthesis?
a) It is recycled by plants
b) It is converted into oxygen
c) it is stored as heat
d) it is transformed into chemical energy

How much energy is passed from one level to another?
a) 1%
b) 10%
c) 50%
d) 90%

A food web diagram is written using
a) circles
b) boxes and arrows
c) triangles
d) no figures at all just words

What equipment would be needed to view the organism?
a) microscope,notebook
b) meter stick,thermometer
c) hot plate, tape measure
d) balance, lens

Boimass is stored ... energy that man can convert to electricity and heat. Through ---the energy from the sun is stored in plants
a) solar...decomposition
b) solar...photosynthesis
c) heat ....recycling
d) trophic... production

What happens to the energy from these materials as they break down in a compost bin?
a) There is no energy in dead organisms
b) No energy is lost as the materials decompose
c) The energy stays in the compost bin
d) some of the energy is released as heat

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